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Ethnicity and country of acquisition of HIV in the current Leicester genitourinary medicine clinic cohort
  1. Derek T P Evans,
  2. Vincent C Riley,
  3. Peter G Fisk
  1. Department of Genito-urinary Medicine, Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester LE1 5WW
  1. Dr Evans

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Editor,—We have surveyed the regular HIV infected attenders in the Leicester genitourinary medicine (GUM) HIV cohort; there are currently 60 men and 16 women. Twenty five per cent are black African and 13% are of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi stock, while 62% are white. This amounts to 19 of 8258 black Africans in the Leicestershire total county population (which includes Leicester central district) being HIV positive. Forty seven of 771 181 white people and 10 of 77 537 Asians in the Leicestershire total county population were also HIV positive (Leicester City Council, from 1991 census figures, 2000, personal communication).

For acquisition of HIV related to ethnicity, …

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