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The paper by Hughes et al “Comparison of risk factors for four sexually transmitted infections: results from a study of attenders at three genitourinary medicine clinics in England” published in the August issue of contained errors in tables 1 and 2. The correct versions of these tables are published here. The multivariable statistical analyses presented in tables 3 and 4, on which the paper focuses and on which the discussion and conclusions are based, are unaffected by the errors and remain unchanged.

Table 1

Characteristics of patients attending three GUM clinics in England, April 1994 to September 1997

Table 2

Numbers of attenders diagnosed with first episode genital warts, first episode genital HSV, uncomplicated gonorrhoea and uncomplicated chlamydia, showing concurrent infections, in attenders at three GUM clinics in England, April 1994 to September 1997 (+ = present, − = absent)

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