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Wood for the trees!
  1. Colm O'Mahony
  1. Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Trust, Chester CH2 1UL

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    “You want him seen in Casualty, come down and see him yourself. It's wall to wall grannies on trolleys down here. It will be ages before any of us get to see him, so just come on down—it's your patient.” Oh dear! Don't they know I'm allergic to A&E. I never did a proper A&E job, and the place has always filled me with trepidation. Even as a medical registrar or as an SHO in Gynae, I always felt like an unwelcome intruder, conscious only of not knowing where anything was, and fully aware that the staff looked at me with that kind of look reserved for men in a clothes shop when they can't fold the jumpers back the way they were before they took them off the shelves.

    Two hours earlier, Nigel, one of my long term HIV positive patients had phoned through to the clinic to say …

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