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Chlamydial infections in children
  1. C Oroz,
  2. K A M Porter-Boveri,
  3. C Thompson
  1. Department of Genito-Urinary Medicine, Victoria Hospital, Hayfield Road, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY2 5AH, UK
  1. Dr Oroz

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Editor,—We know that Chlamydia trachomatis infections (serovars D-K) are a significant cause of morbidity in the adult population, particularly young women. This justifies the considerable efforts and costs of preventing, diagnosing, and treating chlamydial infections. It is also well established that C trachomatis can cause conjunctivitis and pneumonitis in neonates and infants as a result of vertical transmission.

There is no doubt that symptomatic children should be treated but should we also treat asymptomatic carriers? What would be the benefit of treating asymptomatic children of mothers who were proved or have a …

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