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Seroprevalence of hepatitis A immunity in male genitourinary medicine clinic attenders: a case control study of heterosexual and homosexual men
  1. J D C Ross,
  2. M Ghanem,
  3. A Tariq,
  4. G Gilleran,
  5. A J Winter
  1. Whittall Street Clinic, Birmingham, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr J D C Ross, Whittall Street Clinic, Whittall Street, Birmingham B4 6DH, UK;


Objectives: To compare the seroprevalence of hepatitis A in homosexual and heterosexual men to determine their susceptibility to infection and provide guidance for a policy on vaccination.

Methods: A case-control study design was utilised to compare the risk factors associated with hepatitis A in homosexual and heterosexual men attending a city centre genitourinary medicine clinic. Demographic and sexual behavioural characteristics were included in univariate and multivariate models.

Results: The overall seropositivity rate was 29% with no significant difference between homosexual and heterosexual men. Ethnicity and age were strongly associated with hepatitis A seropositivity in both homosexuals and heterosexuals. A history of sex in a sauna in homosexual men, and being born outside the United Kingdom for heterosexual men, was associated with hepatitis A seropositivity.

Conclusions: Targeted hepatitis A screening and vaccination of homosexual men attending UK genitourinary medicine clinics is not supported by the results of this study.

  • hepatitis A
  • homosexuality
  • heterosexuality
  • sex behaviour
  • sexually transmitted diseases

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