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  1. R Lau
  1. Courtyard Clinic, St George’s Hospital, London SW17 0QT, UK; Richard.Lau{at}

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    This is arguably the most comprehensive medical website to host information on chlamydial infections. It is set up and designed by Michael Ward, professor of medical microbiology at the University of Southampton. The site boasts not only a multilingual (12 languages) textbook on chlamydiae but also a calendar of relevant scientific meetings, conference, and news reports. The web caters for health professionals as well as the general public and covers factual information in the form of FAQs focused on genital tract infections.

    Only about half of the “health professionals” area requires (free of charge) registration initially for log-in (albeit that section of most interest to STI readers), but the wealth of accurate and up to date information contained within should make this site a compelling reason for putting it on your list of websites to be bookmarked. Excellent.