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 These articles scored the most number of hits on STI’s web site during January 2003

1 Cost effectiveness of screening for Chlamydia trachomatis: a review of published studiesE Honey, C Augood, A Templeton, I Russell, J Paavonen, P-A Mardh, A Stary, B Stray-PedersenDecember 2002;78: 406–12. (Review)

2 Brief EncountersMohsen ShahmaneshDecember 2002;78:392.

3 Validation of a simplified grading of Gram stained vaginal smears for use in genitourinary medicine clinicsC A Ison, P E HayDecember 2002;78:413–15. (Diagnostics)

4 Chlamydia screening and sexual healthG J Hart, B Duncan, K A FentonDecember 2002;78:396–7. (Editorial)

5 Behavioural surveillance: the value of national coordinationC A McGarrigle, K A Fenton, O N Gill, G Hughes, D Morgan, BEvansDecember 2002;78:398–405. (Review)

6 The female orgasm: a male perspective!Colm O’MahonyDecember 2002;78:466. (Chester Chronicles)

7 National guideline for the management of suspected sexually transmitted infections in children and young peopleA Thomas, G Forster, A Robinson, K RogstadOctober 2002;78:324–31. (Adolescent sexual health)

8 The potential role of suppressive therapy for sex partners in the prevention of neonatal herpes: a health economic analysisR V Barnabas, H Carabin, G P GarnettDecember 2002;78:425–9. (Original article)

9 DonovanosisN O’FarrellDecember 2002;78:452–7. (Tropical medicine)

10 Prevention interventions for HIV positive individualsR J DiClemente, G M Wingood, C Del Rio, R A CrosbyDecember 2002;78:393–5. (Editorial)

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