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These articles scored the most number of hits on STI's web site during March 2003

1 Chlamydia screening in the United Kingdom

M Catchpole, A Robinson, A Temple

February 2003;79:3–4. (Editorial)

2 Brief encounters

H Ward

February 2003;79:1. (Brief encounters)

3 Opportunistic screening for genital chlamydial infection. I: Acceptability of urine testing in primary and secondary healthcare settings

J M Pimenta, M Catchpole, P A Rogers, E Perkins, N Jackson, C Carlisle, S Randall, J Hopwood, G Hewitt, G Underhill, H Mallinson, L McLean, T Gleave, J Tobin, V Harindra, A Ghosh

February 2003;79:16–21. (Original article)

4 Chancroid: clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and management

DA Lewis

February 2003;79:68–71. (Tropical medicine)

5 An update on pelvic inflammatory disease

J D C Ross

February 2002;78:18–19. (Update)

6 Cost effectiveness of screening for Chlamydia trachomatis: a review of published studies

E Honey, C Augood, A Templeton, I Russell, J Paavonen, P-A Mardh, A Stary, B Stray-Pedersen

December 2002;78:406–12. (Review)

7 Social capital, poverty, and income inequality as predictors of gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia and AIDS case rates in the United States

D R Holtgrave, R A Crosby

February 2003;79:62–4. (Short report)

8 Is use of antiretroviral therapy among homosexual men associated with increased risk of transmission of HIV infection?

J M Stephenson, J Imrie, M M D Davis, C Mercer, S Black, A J Copas, G J Hart, O R Davidson, I G Williams

February 2003;79:7–10. (Original article)

9 Opportunistic screening for genital chlamydial infection. II: Prevalence among healthcare attenders, outcome, and evaluation of positive cases

J M Pimenta, M Catchpole, P A Rogers, J Hopwood, S Randall, H Mallinson, E Perkins, N Jackson, C Carlisle, G Hewitt, G Underhill, T Gleave, L McLean, A Ghosh, J Tobin, V Harindra

February 2003;79: 22–7. (Original article)

10 Chlamydia trachomatis diagnostics

M A Chernesky

August 2002;78:232–4. (Update)

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