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Immunotherapy for Infectious Diseases.
  1. Barry S Peters

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    Ed by Jeffrey M Jacobson. Pp 331; $125. New Jersey: Humana Press, 2002, ISBN 0896036693.

    I judge this is a jewel of a book, although you would not think so from my comments in the next paragraph.

    My initial reaction was one of intense irritation. The preface stated that the intention was to “review the state of the art . . . of this rapidly emerging . . . field.”

    A bold promise for which tight editorial time lines and up to date references would be essential. Yet, even though the book was published in 2002, there were very few references from 2001 or even from 2000 in some chapters. To take as one particularly bad example, the chapter dealing with the immunotherapy of HIV had only one reference as recent as 2000, and all …

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