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Brief Encounters
  1. Helen Ward, Editor,
  2. Rob Miller, Editor

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Genital warts are one of the most common conditions seen in sexual health clinics, with up to one million new cases annually in the US and almost 70 000 new cases registered in clinics in the UK each year. There are many ways of managing warts, but treatment failures and recurrence are common, leading to a heavy workload for sexual health services. Lacey and collaborators in 11 UK clinics, carried out a randomised controlled trial and economic evaluation of three treatments in 358 people. Subjects were randomised to self applied podophyllotoxin cream, self applied podophyllotoxin solution, or podophyllin applied in the clinic. The two self treatment groups had significantly better remission at four weeks, although recurrence of warts within 12 weeks was common (43%) and no difference …

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