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These articles scored the most number of hits on STI’s web site during May 2003

1 Gonorrhoea reinfection in heterosexual STD clinic attendees: longitudinal analysis of risks for first reinfection
S D Mehta, E J Erbelding, J M Zenilman, A M Rompalo
April 2003;79:124–8. (Original article)

2 Prevalence of sexually transmitted infections and performance of STI syndromes against aetiological diagnosis, in female sex workers of red light area in Surat, India
V K Desai, J K Kosambiya, H G Thakor, D D Umrigar, B R Khandwala, K K Bhuyan
April 2003;79:111–15. (Original article)

3 An update on pelvic inflammatory disease
J D C Ross
February 2002;78:18–19. (Update)

4 Sexual behaviour of lesbians and bisexual women
J V Bailey, C Farquhar, C Owen, D Whittaker
April 2003;79:147–50. (Original article)

5 Sexual health–health of the nation
M W Adler
April 2003;79:85–7. (Editorial)

6 Associations between Mycoplasma genitalium, trachomatis, and pelvic inflammatory disease
I Simms, K Eastick, H Mallinson, K Thomas, R Gokhale, P Hay, A Herring, P A Rogers
April 2003;79:154–6. (Original article)

7 LCR testing for gonorrhoea and chlamydia in population surveys and other screenings of low prevalence populations: coping with decreased positive predictive value
J M Zenilman, W C Miller, C Gaydos, S M Rogers, C F Turner
April 2003;79:94–7. (Diagnostic)

8 Comparison of STD prevalences in the Mwanza, Rakai, and Masaka trial populations: the role of selection bias and diagnostic errors
K K Orroth, E L Korenromp, R G White, J Changalucha, S J de Vlas, R H Gray, P Hughes, A Kamali, A Ojwiya, D Serwadda, M Wawer, R J Hayes, H Grosskurth
April 2003;79:98–105. (Original article)

9 Treating sexually transmitted infections in primary care: a missed opportunity?
J A Cassell, M G Brook, C H Mercer, S Murphy, A M Johnson
April 2003;79:134–6. (Original article)

10 Chancroid: clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and management
D A Lewis
February 2003;79:68–71. (Tropical medicine series)

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