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New instrument has been developed to measure quality of care for HIV patients

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An HIV specific version of the QUOTE (quality of care through the patient’s eyes) questionnaire is a useful instrument for measuring the quality of care of HIV infected patients.

The questionnaire differs from traditional patient satisfaction questionnaires in several ways. It offers an importance as well as a performance component, so the importance component can be added as a weight factor in the judgment of quality of care. Patients played a crucial part in the development of this instrument. As a result an equal number of items encountered specifically by HIV infected patients as well as known patients’ satisfaction items were generated.

Focus group discussions were held to select aspects for inclusion in the questionnaire, and 13 generic and 14 HIV specific items were included as a result. Item and interitem analysis, factor analysis, and reliability analysis were performed to test internal consistency and validity of the instrument.

The questionnaire was sent to 80 people infected with HIV, and 44 questionnaires were returned. One striking finding was a need for an education course for general practitioners, in which more attention is paid to the use of HIV medication. Further research is, however, needed for specific groups of patients.

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