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  1. Rob Miller, Editor,
  2. Helen Ward, Editor

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    Cervicitis, salpingitis, vaginitis, vestibulitis, urethritis—all challenges for diagnosis and management of women with or without symptoms. Now we can add endometritis to that list. In an informative editorial, Jonathan Ross addresses the question “What is endometritis and does it require treatment?” The short answers are (a) inflammation of the endometrium, which may occur in the absence of PID in women with otherwise uncomplicated lower genital tract infection, and (b) yes, if there are symptoms. Interestingly, in a large RCT, almost half the patients failed to clear endometritis (based on endometrial biopsy) despite having a good clinical response, but reassuringly there was no association between endometritis and long term adverse reproductive outcome.
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    Sexual networks are crucial in determining the transmission …

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