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The prevalence of excessive alcohol consumption and the acceptability of brief advice in a sexual health clinic: cross sectional survey
  1. M J Crawford1,
  2. P C Lowe2,
  3. L Greene2,
  4. C Brookings2
  1. 1Department of Psychological Medicine, Imperial College London, UK
  2. 2The Jefferiss Wing Centre for Sexual Health, St Mary’s Hospital, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to:
 Dr Mike Crawford
 Department of Psychological Medicine, Imperial College London, Paterson Centre, 20 South Wharf Road, London W2 1PD, UK;

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Excessive alcohol consumption has been implicated in unsafe sex and the spread of sexually transmitted infections.1 Cross sectional surveys in sexual health clinics have shown that most patients drink alcohol regularly,2 but the proportion misusing alcohol has not been reported. Brief interventions for alcohol misuse have been shown to be beneficial across a range of medical settings,3 but their use in sexual health clinics has not been explored. We therefore examined the acceptability of offering brief advice to people identified as misusing alcohol in a sexual health clinic.

Two doctors (PCL, CB) set out to recruit consecutive attendees at walk-in clinics at the Jefferiss Wing Centre for Sexual Health at St Mary’s Hospital in London over a 3 …

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