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Changing the prescribing patterns of sexually transmitted infections in the White Nile Region of Sudan


Background: The number of inappropriate prescriptions for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Sudan is suspected to be high. Simple multifaceted interventions directed at prescribers may improve prescribing patterns in the Sudan.

Objective: To evaluate the effect of multifaceted interventions on prescribing for STIs in the White Nile State, Sudan.

Methods: The study involved 20 health centres randomly assigned to four different multifaceted interventions to improve prescribing.

Results: Prescriber targeted interventions involving audit and feedback together with academic detailing and practice guidelines reduced the number of inappropriate prescriptions by 50% (p<0.001). Audit and feedback together with seminars and practice guidelines reduced inappropriate prescriptions by 43% (p<0.001). Audit and feedback alone reduced inappropriate prescriptions by 16% (p = 0.127).

Conclusion: Prescribing for STIs in the White Nile State of Sudan needs improving. Multifaceted interventions appear effective in improving prescribing.

  • prescribing
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • multifaceted interventions
  • Sudan

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