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Zi Teng is a sex workers concern organisation in Hong Kong. We believe that every human being should have the same basic human rights regardless of her or his background and gender, and should enjoy the right to live with respect and dignity. We work to ensure women, who are often less privileged and vulnerable to violence and disease, live in a carefree and desirable environment. We support women, particularly sex workers, living and working in undesirable conditions and areas. During the past few years, Zi Teng has begun to develop projects not only in Hong Kong but also in Macau, the Mekong region and China. Our projects in China with the medical departments of one of our partners are centred on health and occupational safety issues. We provide education, medical assistance and knowledge about self-protection for sex workers. Recently, we have been working to train mainland service providers and social workers. In this article we comment and add additional facts to Tucker and Ren’s article.

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