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The male genitalia: a clinician’s guide to skin problems and sexually transmitted infections
  1. E Edmonds, Consultant Dermatologist
  1. Chelsea & Westminister Hospital, London, UK

    Statistics from

    Edited by Manu Shah, Ariyaratne Desilva. Published by Radcliffe Publishing, paperback, 2008, pp 147, £29.95. ISBN 1846190401.

    This is a well written, comprehensive account of the topic. The authors suggest that “it will serve as a great reference guide for dermatologists, genitourinary medicine physicians”; however, I suspect that although the genitourinary medicine (GUM) content may be relevant to dermatologists, and the dermatology content of interest to GUM physicians, the dermatology is not detailed enough for dermatologists and the GUM content not profound enough for GUM physicians.

    I have no doubt that it will be useful for medical students, general practitioners and the …

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