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Bertozzi SM, Padian N, Martz TE. Evaluation of HIV prevention programmes: the case of Avahan. Sex Transm Infect 2010;86:i4–5. There were several errors in this editorial. Reference 9 referred to an unpublished paper by Vickerman, not to the paper by Pickles, which was published in the same supplement.

Secondly, the statement “Finally Ramesh et al came closest to examining the impact of Avahan on FSW using dynamic transmission models. They used prevalence from two cross-sectional surveys….” is incorrect. Ramesh does not use a dynamic transmission model—this is referring to one of the two modelling papers. Ramesh uses a time-trend analysis from two cross sectional surveys.

Finally, the name Alary is misspelled Alery twice in the editorial.

The journal apologies for these errors.

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