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Book review
Sexually Transmitted Infections: The Facts (3rd edition)
  1. Catherine Aicken
  1. Correspondence to Catherine Aicken, Centre for Sexual Health & HIV Research, Research Department of Infection and Population Health, University College London, Mortimer Market Centre, off Capper Street, London WC1E 6JB, UK; c.aicken{at}

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Edited by David Barlow (with Dr Julie Fox, for chapter on ‘HIV and AIDS—the clinical picture’). Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2011, pp 152, £12.99 ( (softback). ISBN 978-0-19-959565-5

This little book provides detailed information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and related conditions, but does not stop there. It begins by explaining what patients can expect when they go for STI testing, what a genitourinary medicine clinic is and why they might choose to attend one. A chapter entitled ‘Understanding your results’ explains complex concepts, including false positives and negatives and the implications of test sensitivity and specificity. It also covers issues in the interpretation of surveillance data (such as …

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