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Symposium 8: The global public health challenge of untreatable multidrug-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae "superbug" (MDR-GC)
S8.2 Synergy: public health, clinicians, laboratories and management guidelines
  1. I Martin,
  2. T Wong
  1. Public Health Agency of Canada, Canada


There is growing concern that the increasing prevalence of AMR in N gonorrhoeae will compromise effective treatment and disease control efforts. Early warning systems and the creation of, public health, clinical and laboratory networks are critical to detect the emergence of resistance and treatment failures.

Using specific examples to illustrate best practises, this presentation will focus on mechanisms to:

Enable adequate, timely AMR surveillance to inform treatment guidelines;

Establish a strategy to rapidly detect patients with gonococcal infections who experience a clinical and/or microbiological treatment failure especially with recommended cephalosporin or azithromycin therapy; and

Promote effective public health and clinical management of patients and their sexual partners.

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