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Social and behavioural aspects of prevention poster session 7: Persons living with HIV/AIDS
P2-S7.08 Psychosocial support and therapeutic adherence of HIV positive pregnant women at HIV Treatment Hospital of Suru LÉrÉ in Cotonou (Benin)
  1. K Adolphe Codjo,
  2. S S Mistourath
  1. University of Abomey Calavi Benin, Cotonou, Benin


Context The sociocultural contexts and social environnement of people living with HIV and especially of HIV positive pregnant women are poorly documented and often not integrated with global care of HIV in Benin. This study describes and analyzes the interactions between healthcare professionals and HIV positive pregnant women to better understand the challenges of the medical staff to guide patients in their social environment.

Method Data were collected through documentary analysis, direct observation, semi structured interview, Focus Group with healthcare professionals, HIV positive pregnant women, their family and social environment. The study focused on 130 respondents. Analysis was done with the triangulation method and content analysis.

Result Academic training, professional experiences with patients direct the activities and practices of nursing staff. Therapeutic Relations determine the management of confidentiality. For 90% of HIV positive pregnant women interviewed, it is within the system or hospital or medical device (with the health personnel) that they find psychosocial support to be safe from the stigmatisation. It results in low therapeutic adherence and barriers to the Preventing Mother to child transmission of HIV.

Conclusion The stigmatisation of people with the AIDS virus remains present in society and influenced the Behaviours of Patients. The healthcare professionals—patient relationships built on mutual trust and focused primarily on the medical device to the detriment of the social environment of HIV positive pregnant women not guarantee continuity of care and support for people living with HIV.

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