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Clinical sciences poster session 1: and related syndromes
P3-S1.05 Incidence of STI in patients with chronic prostatitis
  1. A Khaikova,
  2. S Sohar,
  3. V Kazlouskaya
  1. Gomel State Medical University, Gomel, Belgium


Chronic prostatitis is a common problem among male patients. Some authors indicate that 30–40% of males have chronic prostatitis when they are 20–40 years old. Last years the tendency to begin at the earlier age is seen in patients with prostatitis. STI should be excluded while examining of patients with prostatitis. We observed 96 sexually active men with chronic prostatitis (middle age 34.2±12.7 years). All patients where checked up for STI. Microscopy and cultural method where used to diagnose gonorrhoea and trichomonas infection, PCR for chlamydia and herpes infection and Mycoplasma IST test system to diagnose mycoplasma infection. STI where founded in 44 patents (45.8%). Neisseria gonorrhoea was founded in 10 patients (10.4%), Trichominiasis vaginalis—in two patients (2,0%), Mycoplasma hominis—in seven patients (7.3%), Herpes genitalis—in two patients (2.0%), Chlamydia trachomatis—in 23 patients (23.9%). Still in 54.2% of patients the reason remained unknown. Patient with STI should be recommended to check up for all STI. As far as association with STI is quite common it is necessary to study their possible role in the development of chronic prostatitis. Chlamydia trachomatis infection seems to be associated with chronic prostatitis more commonly.

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