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Clinical sciences poster session 4: Human papillomavirus
P3-S4.03 Impact of comprehensive management including counselling on health related quality of life index in Indian patients with anogenital warts
  1. S Gupta
  1. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India


Background Health related Quality of life (HRQOL) can be conceptualised as the absence of pain and an ability to function in day-today life. Our earlier study has shown that anogenital warts have an adverse effect on HRQOL because of its impact on physical, psychological and sexual health, even though the lesions are often asymptomatic.1 To our knowledge, there are no studies available to show the impact of comprehensive management on HRQOL of these patients.

Methods Thirty-five apparently healthy controls (meanage ±SD 34.8±11.2) and twenty patients with anogenital warts (mean age ±SD 32.7±11.8 years) were included in the study. HRQOL of patients was evaluated using the WHOQOL-BREF instrument at the time of presentation and again after 4 months. During this period, all patients were comprehensively counselled by a trained counsellor and received regular treatment for anogenital warts. The questionnaire was available in local language (Hindi) and was self-administered.

Results All except two patients showed reduction in the size in response to treatment, however complete clearance was seen only in 10 patients (50%). At the baseline, the HRQOL scores of patients were significantly lower than controls in all domains. The HRQOL scores of patients after 16 weeks of comprehensive management were significantly higher than those at the baseline and comparable to those of controls (Abstract P3-S4.03 table 1).

Abstract P3-S4.03 Table 1

 HRQOL Scores in different domains of WHOQOLBREF of patients before and 16 weeks after comprehensive management and those of apparently healthy controls

Conclusion Comprehensive management of anogenital warts including counselling has resulted in the significant improvement in HRQOL scores. As anogenital warts are often asymptomatic, the effect on HRQOL appears to be due to its impact on psyche and fear of cancer and interventions including counselling can improve HRQOL more efficiently than in patients with other sexually transmitted diseases.

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