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Clinical sciences poster session 5: other
P3-S5.06 Surgery in the treatment of severe dyspareunia caused by vulvar vestibulitis syndrome-a long-term follow-up study
  1. J Paavonen,
  2. T Päivi,
  3. L Unkila-Kallio
  1. Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki, Finland


Background Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome (VVS) causes severe dyspareunia in young women, but is poorly recognised and managed. We wanted to evaluate safety and effectiveness of posterior vestibulec-tomy in the treatment of VVS.

Methods A cohort study of consecutive patients with refractory VVS treated at the University Hospital Vulva Clinic. The study population consisted of 70 women treated by posterior vestibulectomy during 1995–2007. All operated women were invited to participate in a long-term follow-up study. Patient characteristics, baseline visual analogue scale (VAS) for dyspareunia, and data of the postoperative pe-riod were collected. Of the 70 women invited, 57 attended the follow-up, including face-to-face inter-view, gynaecologicalgynaecological examination with swab-touch test for vestibular tenderness, current VAS score for dyspareunia, and McCoy questionnaire for sexual problems. Main outcome measures were short-term and long term complication rates, dyspareunia by VAS score, vestibular tenderness on examination, sexual problem index, and overall patient satisfaction.

Results Ninety-one per cent of the patients were satisfied with the outcome. VAS for dyspareunia de-creased from a median of 9 to a median of 3 (66.7% decrease) (p <0.001). Posterior vestibular tender-ness was absent in 34 patients (64.2%). Six (8.6%) patients developed postoperative bleeding and 11 (15.7%) patients developed mild wound infection, and 4 (5.7%) patients developed Bartholin's cysts.

Conclusion Posterior vestibulectomy is effective in the treatment of severe VVS and provides long-term patient satisfaction.

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