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Efficiency considerations of donor fatigue, universal access to ARTs and health systems
  1. Karen A Grépin
  1. Correspondence to Dr Karen A Grépin, Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy, New York University, 295 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012, USA; karen.grepin{at}


Objectives To investigate trends in official development assistance for health, HIV and non-HIV activities over time and to discuss the efficiency implications of these trends in the context of achieving universal access to treatment and health systems.

Methods Official development assistance for health, HIV programmes and non-HIV programmes were tracked using data from 2000 to 2009. A review of the literature on efficiency, treatment and health systems was conducted.

Findings The rate of growth of donor funding to HIV programmes has slowed in recent years at levels below those required to sustain programmes and to move towards universal access to treatment. These trends are likely due to increased pressure on foreign aid budgets and donor fatigue for HIV programmes.

Conclusions There is great need to consider how the limited resources available can be used most efficiently to increase the number of lives saved and to ensure that these resources also benefit health systems. Improving efficiency is much more than just improving the productive efficiency and also about ensuring that resources are going to where they will be the most beneficial and making investments that are the most efficient over time. These choices may be essential to achieving the goal of universal access to treatment as well as the sustainability of these programmes.

  • Efficiency
  • healthcare economics and organisations
  • HIV
  • developing countries
  • international cooperation
  • developing world
  • economic analysis
  • health service research
  • policy
  • politics

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