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Epidemiology and partner notification
P28 A Re-audit of partner notification in HIV positive individuals in Plymouth
  1. T Wimpenny,
  2. Z Warwick
  1. Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Plymouth, UK


Aims Following an audit in 2010 we wanted to establish whether changes in our approach to PN in newly diagnosed HIV patients or patients seen for the first time had improved our HIV PN outcomes and documentation.

Methods A retrospective case note review was carried out in patients attending the clinic for the first time in 2011. We looked at whether patients had a partner history completed for the look back period, how many partners were contactable and whether the outcome of the PN was recorded. These results were compared with a similar audit carried out in 2010.

Results 31 patients were included in the re-audit, 12 transfers into Plymouth GUM and 19 newly diagnosed HIV positive patients. 77% were male and 23% were MSM. 100% of patients had a contact tracing proforma in their notes and 97% (30/31) had been completed. 36 (40%) partners were untraceable. Of those which were contactable13 were current partners and HIV+; 16 ex-partners who were HIV+; 15 ex-partners verified as HIV−; 7 current partners tested HIV−; two partners remain untested. There were 13 patients who transferred into the department in 2010, three of whom had PN performed since joining our clinic. There were 13 new diagnoses, 10 of whom had documented CT.

Conclusion PN can be significantly improved using audit in this way. A dedicated Health Advising team is essential where targeted testing for HIV is likely to be the most efficient way of detecting undiagnosed HIV.

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