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Viral STIs
P81 Point (young person's) clinic audit
  1. S Y Chan1,
  2. J Zhou2,
  3. S Rashbrook2,
  4. B Dragovic2
  1. 1St Georges Healthcare NHS Trust, London, UK
  2. 2Queen Mary's Hospital, London, UK


Background Young people attending sexual health clinics should receive an adequate standard of care, according to BASHH clinical effectiveness group guidance.

Aims/Objectives To carry out an audit of clients attending the Point clinic—a sexual health clinic for clients aged ≤18. To describe client characteristics and compare practice against BASHH guidelines.

Methods We carried out a retrospective case notes review of all clients attending the Point clinic from 1 November 2009 to 30 April 2010. Patients were only counted once (new/rebook). Only patients having sexually transmitted infection (STI) screens were included. Information was collected on demographics, risk assessment, STI screening, HIV testing and contraception.

Results 123 clients attended. 51 did not have a screen. Reasons were: not sexually active, requesting contraception/condoms only, attending for results. Included in the audit were 72 patients who had STI screens. 53 out of 72 (73.6%) were female with a mean age of 16.9. 10 out of 72 (13.9%) were <16. Fraser competence was assessed in all <16 years old. Risk assessment (age of partner/alcohol/drugs use/housing/mental health issues) was documented in 63/72 (87.5%) and in all <16 year olds. Contraception was reviewed in 64/72 (88.9%). Additional contraception advice was given to 36/72 (50%). Of the 34 not given additional contraceptive advice, six were not using any contraception. HIV test was offered to 71/72 and 35 accepted. 11/72 (15.3%) had an STI, most common being Chlamydia trachomatis (6/11).

Conclusion We are managing patients in accordance with BASHH guidelines. All <16 year olds (and those 16–18 where indicated) had a risk assessment completed. Offer of HIV tests was very good. It was identified that improvements were required with regards to provision of additional contraceptive advice.

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