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Women and children
P83 Review of the first attendances in under-16 year olds in a community based integrated sexual health service
  1. N Pal,
  2. J Ashby
  1. Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust, Bracknell, UK


Aim To analyse sexual and risk behaviour in under 16 year olds newly attending our services.

Methods Computer databases were used to identify the last 100 under 16 year olds who newly attended the sexual health services up until December 2011. Patient records were retrospectively reviewed and clinical, social, sexual and reproductive data were collated using excel.

Results Age of the attendees ranged from 13 to 15 years; 95% were girls. 98% reported heterosexual orientation. Ethnicity and primary reason for attendance as shown in abstract P83 table 1. Fraser competence was documented as present in 100% of attendees. Vulnerability factors were assessed in all attendees. Age at coitarche ranged from 9 years of age upwards. 94% were sexually active and 91% reported unprotected sexual intercourse. Other than condoms, no other forms of contraception were in use. Contraception was discussed with 100% of attendees and 47% commenced contraception at first visit. 6% had at least one previous unplanned pregnancy. 9% reported symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection and 10% of attendees were diagnosed with at least one sexually transmitted infection at the first visit. 6% reported non-consensual sex of which 2/6 were reported to the Police. 45% reported partners over age 16. 15% had social services or other agencies input.

Abstract P83 Table 1

Ethnicity and primary reason for attendance

Conclusions High rates of underage sexual activity and unsafe sex were observed in this group of young people attending clinic for the first time, with significant amounts of sexually transmitted infections identified and unplanned pregnancies seen. This highlights a need for earlier interventions, as often sexual risk had already occurred prior to the young people attending clinic.

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