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Electronic patient records and use of IT
P113 Primary health providers' adherence to national chlamydia guidelines
  1. J M Morgan1,
  2. L A Mills2,
  3. A J Bell1
  1. 1Waikato Hospital
  2. 2University of Otago


Aim To re-audit district-wide management of genital chlamydia infection following implementation of NZ national chlamydia guidelines.

Methods All healthcare settings in a single NZ health district that diagnosed 20 or more cases of chlamydia during September 2010–2011 were invited to participate and were asked to complete an audit proforma for 20 consecutive cases. Sexual Health clinic cases were excluded. Collated results were compared to findings of a similar audit of 394 cases diagnosed during 2008, which was undertaken before guideline implementation in 2009.

Results 19 of 22 eligible sites participated, providing data for 424 cases; of these, 302 (71.2%) were managed in General Practice, with the remainder from a range of settings including Family Planning, student health services, and A&E. 405 of 424 (95.5%) cases in 2010–2011 had documented treatment compared to 354 of 394 (89.8%) in 2008. Notifying current sexual partners was noted in 314 cases (74%), compared to 58.1% in 2008. 126 of 424 (29.7%) of cases were noted to have informed at least 50% of their sexual partners compared to 17.8% in 2008.

Conclusion Improved case management and partner notification may reflect better documentation than in the initial audit but more appropriate choice of diagnostic sampling, more testing for other STIs and more appropriate dosage and duration of prescribed antibiotics supports that primary care chlamydia case management in this district has improved following local implementation of national guidelines. More work is needed to enhance documented partner management outcomes.

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