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Improving clinical practice and service delivery
P142 Evaluating the vulval service within our genitourinary (GU) medicine department
  1. C Bradshaw1,
  2. S Patel2,
  3. B Dragovic2
  1. 1Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Brighton, UK
  2. 2St. George's Hospital, London, UK


Background Vulval disorders with their psychosocial and psychosexual impact are frequently encountered within GU clinics. Dedicated specialist clinics should ideally be multidisciplinary with input from dermatology, GU and gynaecology; however this is not always feasible. A need for this service was recognised at our urban clinic—thus in 2005, a monthly vulval dermatoses clinic was set up and led by a GU physician with training in genital skin disease. In 2009 a monthly vulvodynia clinic was set up, staffed by a trained GU physician and psychosexual counsellor.

Aims To review our service provision over a 1-year period.

Methods Retrospective notes review of monthly vulval dermatoses and vulvodynia clinics were performed from November 2010–2011.

Results There were 145 vulval clinic appts; patients were only counted once—94 notes were reviewed. Vulval dermatoses clinic (n=40; 20 new, 20 f/u): median age 36 (IQR 29–44); referred by GUM 85%, derm/gynae 10%, GP 5%. Referral symptoms: itching (23), burning (8), dyspareunia (6), vulval pain (5), other (12); median length of symptoms 2 yrs (IQR 1–3). Predominant conditions were: psoriasis 28% (11) and lichen sclerosis 28% (11). Vulvodynia clinic (n=54; 24 new, 30 f/u): median age 28 (IQR 25–32); referred by GUM 67%, GP 26%, gynae/derm 7%. Referral symptoms: superficial dyspareunia (42), vulval pain (11), itching (2); median length of symptoms 2 yrs (IQR 1–5). Diagnosis of vulvodynia made in 74% (40/54). 22/40 were seen for f/u, 73% (16/22) reported at least 50% improvement in their symptoms with treatment.

Conclusion Our vulval service meets the needs of a significant number of symptomatic women allowing timely diagnosis, management and f/u. Recognising the multifactorial nature of vulval disorders means patients receive a thorough assessment in one clinic visit with a GU screen, dermatology review and psychosexual input, thus providing a service tailored to the patient.

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