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P192 What career choices do trainees make after attending the GU medicine taster?
  1. S Patel,
  2. R Lau
  1. St George's Hospital, London, UK


Background The GUM taster (running annually in London since 2009) is a 2-day educational programme for junior doctors before they apply for specialist training. It is popular and oversubscribed, receiving excellent feedback. We sought to investigate the career choices made by trainees who had attended previous GUM tasters.

Methods All trainees who had attended one of three previous GUM tasters were contacted about their career progression. Four questions were asked, covering: (1) current specialty, (2) current year of training, (3) career choices/plan, (4) reasons for choice of specialty.

Results Trainees were contacted by email and telephone, response rate 86% (90/105). Trainees currently in specialty or GP training (52%, 47/90) are listed below: The remaining trainees (43/90) were in: non-training clinical posts/working abroad (21), still in F2/CT1/CT2 (19), clinical fellowships (2) or had left medicine (1). Of these, 37% (16/43) planned to apply to GUM as their first choice specialty; with 26% (11/43) planning to apply for GP training. 71% (15/21) of trainees planning a career as a GP wanted to continue with GU as a specialist interest. Reasons given for choosing GU medicine included interest, work-life balance, opportunities for research/work abroad, lively colleagues, diverse patients and avoiding general medicine (see abstract P192 table 1).

Abstract P192 Table 1

Delegates choosing GUM as a speciality following taster day

Discussion 37% (33/90) of those attending our GU Tasters were either already in GU training or considering applying for GU as their first choice specialty. In 2011, the Taster was successfully organised in London and in the Midlands (for the first time). The course has allowed trainees to be better informed about the specialty and has highlighted GU medicine as a popular alternative or additional career option for many.

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