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P197 Young Asian sexual health: what can young Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi people tell us about their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours regarding sexual health and sex and relationships education?
  1. J Reynolds-Wright,
  2. N Alice,
  3. M Michelle,
  4. H Kanabar
  1. University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK


Introduction Young people's sexual health in the UK has been a concern for public health policy and, despite falling teenage pregnancy rates, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among young people have shown an increase. The numbers of Asian teenagers engaging in sexual intercourse is reportedly lower than their Black counterparts, however, there is some evidence that Asian young people are more likely to report “regretful intercourse”, “unequal willingness” and higher rates of anal intercourse, and so are still at risk of STIs through their behaviour.

Methods 16–25-year-old South Asian people were recruited from schools, universities and community organisations to participate in focus group (FG) or individual interviews. The Topic guide was developed following a literature review, steering group discussions and pilot FG. Following each FG or interview, emergent themes were explored in subsequent discussions. Ethical Permission was granted by NHS South Yorkshire Research Ethics Committee.

Results NVivo 8 software was used to code, organise and support thematic analysis. A total of five FGs and six interviews have been completed and analysis indicates five over-arching themes: (1). Formal sex and relationships education (SRE) (2). Informal SRE (3). Relationships (4). Barriers to access of SRE and sexual health services (5). Future development

Conclusion South Asian young people have distinct health education needs that are underpinned and informed by their ethnic, religious and cultural background. In order to deliver the best level of care to this group, awareness of these needs is essential.

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