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S04.5 ART Among FSW in India
  1. S Mishra,
  2. M Boily
  1. Imperial College, London, UK


In India, the provision of antiretroviral treatment (ART) began in 2004. Around the same time, a large-scale, condom-based HIV prevention programme targeted to FSWs was implemented in several districts. In this talk, we present findings from a comprehensive review of available data exploring trends in the ART “care-cascade” among FSWs in India, with a focus on routine HIV testing, linkage to pre-ART care, ART uptake, and retention on ART. We then examine the association between local condom-based targeted HIV prevention programmes and HIV testing among FSWs, and identify key data gaps in the “care cascade” among FSWs. We conclude by exploring the interaction between turn-over in sex work and ART eligibility among FSWs, and discuss the potential implications for local ART programmes.

  • Antiretroviral Treatment
  • female sex workers
  • HIV KL01,

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