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P2.059 Evaluation of a 2 Nd Generation Real Time PCR System For Diagnosis of Chlamydia Trachomatis: Impact on Laboratory Workflow
  1. D De Maria,
  2. M D’Autilia,
  3. M A Latino
  1. S.S. of Bacteriology, O.I.R.M. - Sant’Anna Hospital, Turin, Italy


Background The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance and the impact on laboratory workflow of Cepheid Xpert CT, a new generation of Real Time PCR test that provides results in 90 min, with only 2 min of hands on time in comparison with traditional molecular method used (Alert q-PCR ELItech, Nanogen).

Methods 101 selected women (< 25 and; 15% > 25 years old with risk factors) have been enrolled for this evaluation. Performances and laboratory workflow were compared: Xpert CT was run on GeneXpert System and Alert q-PCR on ABI 7300 (Life Technologies). Residual samples (500 uL UTM endocervical swabs) previously tested with Alert q-PCR have been used for the Xpert CT assay.

Results On a total of 101 samples, 98 were concordant and 3 were discordant: 2 were positive with Xpert CT and negative for Alert q-PCR and 1 was positive with Alert q-PCR and negative with Xpert CT. It was appreciated the value of Sample Adequacy Control (SAC) in Xpert CT, that presented low Ct value (below 20) in case of severe infection. Laboratory Workflow: GeneXpert® steps n = 23 for extraction, amplification and detection (the whole RT-PCR process happened inside the cartridge), TAT 90 min. Alert q-PCR for a run of 24 samples: extraction steps n = 253, amplification and detection steps n = 286, hands on time 70 min, extraction 55 min, amplification and detection 2h, TAT 4 h.

Conclusions GX simplified the laboratory workflow ensuring standardisation, accuracy and reliability of analytical data. The value of SAC supports the quality of sampling to avoid false negative results due to insufficient cells detected. Need evaluation for discrepancy results.

  • Chlamydia trachomatis infection
  • real time PCR

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