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P2.099 Vehicle Alterations in Podophylotoxine Treatment: A Partial Disappointment
  1. F V Ser1,
  2. N Raketic2,
  3. S Zoric1,
  4. Z Zoric3
  1. 1City Departement for Skin and Venereal Diseases, Belgrade, Serbia
  2. 2Ordinacija Raketic, Belgrade, Serbia
  3. 3DZ Milutin Ivkovic, Palilula, Belgrade, Serbia


Background Podophylotoxine o, o5% gel is a routinely used for condylolma accuminatum treatment as home used procedure. However, irritations, sometimes severe are common. This may be due partially to leakage of the preparation to the surrounding non-infected tissue. It is difficult to expect the preparation to remain dry and only on affected areas in non-circumcised males and females.

Methods :We used compounded podophylotoxin o, 15% in adhesive creamy base. The team work with pharmaceutical technologist helped to create an adhesive creamy paste, with greater stability and uniformly distribution on individual lesions. The melting of the preparations was minimised by tailored compounding.

Results The vast majority of patients preferred cream to gel, both to far less irritations and excellent tolerability. Unfortunately, the overall success with cream formulation was disappointing. Therapeutic results seemed to be better, at the very beginning of the treatment, dye to the constant and prolonged delivery on the treated lesions. However, recurrences are far more frequent and tend to develop earlier than with gel podophylotoxin formulation.

Conclusion Probably, the cream formulation does have a therapeutic advantage in perianal region, because of the better adherence of the vehicle, and, when in out of office settings, of less irritation to surrounding tissue in the presence of over-applying the medicine, which frequently is the case.

  • alteration
  • Podophylotoxine
  • vehicle

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