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P2.123 Ocular Manifestations During HIV Infection in Bukavu, D.R.Congo
  1. B D Ngoma1,
  2. N A Bulabula2,
  3. C P Katoto1,
  4. A B Bamuleke1,
  5. C M Mweze1
  1. 1Provincial General Hospital Of Bukavu, Drc, Catholic University of Bukavu, Bukavu, Congo
  2. 2Provincial General Hospital of Bukavu, Drc, Bukavu, Congo


Background In our area, there are little data about ocular manifestations of HIV infection. This study aims to determine the prevalence of these manifestations in Bukavu, D.R.Congo.

Methods We conducted a prospective study in three large hospitals in the city of Bukavu in South Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, including the Provincial General Hospital of Bukavu, Panzi General Referral Hospital and General Referral Hospital of Kadutu, from March 2012 to February 2013. All HIV-positive patients with an available CD4 count were examined at the ophthalmology unit, we included from them, patients without refractive error.

Results Of 80 patients examined, 71 were selected including 49 women (69%) and 22 men (31%).

The mean (±SD) age was 39.1 ± 12.6 years. Ophthalmological examination was abnormal in 51 patients (71.8%) and normal in 20 patients (28.2%). Ocular complaint was recorded in 33.8% of patients. The primary lesion in the anterior segment was conjunctivitis (31%). The most common lesions of the posterior segment were cytomegalovirus retinitis (7.1%) and HIV retinopathy (5.7%). The mean CD4 count in our study was 206.8 ± 229.8 cells/mm3.

71.4% of patients with ocular manifestations had a CD4 count less than 200 cells/mm3.

Ocular manifestations and CD4 cells count, no significant statistical relationship was found (P = 1,0000).

Conclusion With access to antiretroviral therapy, ocular manifestations of HIV/AIDS are increasingly less frequent. Ocular manifestations were not related to the CD4 cells count in this study.

This study, the first in our area, will guide the ophthalmologist and let him play its role mainly in the diagnosis and care of patients.

  • Bukavu
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Ocular manifestations

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