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P2.154 Determinants of Utilization of a No-Cost HIV Transition Clinic in Uganda: A Cross Sectional Study of Young Adults Living with HIV/AIDS
  1. A Nyabigambo
  1. Makerere University, College of Health Sciences, School of Public Health, Kampala, Uganda


Objective The main purpose of this study was to understand the levels and determinants the HIV Transition Clinic services utilisation by young adults at Infectious Diseases Institute, Kampala, Uganda.

Methods A cross sectional study using quantitative methods at a HTC in a sample of 379 young adults living with HIV/AIDS (YALHA) between the ages of 15–24 years. At analysis utilisation was categorised into two levels; regular (kept all appointment visits) and irregular (missed one or more appointments visits) utilisation. Univariable, bivariable and multivariable logistic regression was used to establish determinants associated with utilisation of the HTC.

Results Of the 379 total respondents, only 32.4% were regular utilizers of the HTC. There are low levels of regular utilisation of the HTC. Female young adults have better service utilisation rates compared to the males in HTC. The male to female ratio was 1:5. The determinants of HTC regular utilisation were CD4 cell count category of 250–2603/µl (AOR 0.58, 95% CI: 0.36–0.95), not currently on ART (AOR 0.27, 95% CI: 0.15–0.47) and did not receive counselling services (AOR 0.47, 95% CI: 0.27–0.83).

Conclusion The factors that were associated with reduced the chance of regular use of the HTC were: CD4 cell count between 250–2603/µl; not being on ART; and not receiving HIV counselling services.

Recommendations The young adults in the HIV transition clinic should be screened on a regular basis to detect those with a CD4 cell count of < 350/µl and counselled for early initiation of ART so as to enhance regular HIV transition clinic utilisation. In addition a reminder system like peers, family and mobile phone messages should be set up for young adults so that they are reminded of their appointments hence facilitating regular use of the transition clinic.

  • Service Utilization
  • Young Adults

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