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P2.159 Knowledge and Practice of Nurses in the Prevention of Vertical Transmission of HIV in Selected Hospital of Eastern Region of Nepal
  1. N Pokharel
  1. B.P. Koirala institute of health sciences Dharan,Nepal, Dharan, Nepal


Vertical transmission remains the main mode of acquisition of HIV infection in children. A total of 700,000 children were newly infected in 2003, mainly through mother-to-child transmission of HIV. 1 Mother to child transmission is also the largest source of HIV infection in children in Nepal. Nurses having the knowledge of HIV can bring positive changes in behaviour. Knowledge, training and experience in every aspect of one’s profession are very important.

Objective The objective of this study is to assess knowledge and practise of Nurses in the Prevention of vertical transmission of HIV.

Study Design A cross sectional study was done including 112 nurses drawn from the three selected hospital (BPKIHS Dharan, Koshi Zonal hospital Biratnagar and Mechi Zonal Hospital, Bhadrapur,) through population enumeration method.

Results The study show that half (50.8%) of the respondents had adequate knowledge and near half (49.1%) had inadequate level of knowledge, where total mean score ± SD 28.3 ± 5.5. Only 16.1% of the respondents had good practise for prevention of vertical transmission of HIV. Qualification and place of working area are associated with knowledge of HIV/AIDS and PMTCT, where P value is 0.006, 0.001 respectively.

Conclusion In General, adequate knowledge was found half (50.8%) of the respondents. Thus, more educational programmes should be focused on increasing their knowledge about vertical transmission, hoping to overcome the misconceptions that may be help to behaviour change toward safer practises.

  • knowledge and practice
  • nurses

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