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P2.178 Condyloma Acuminata, Treatment with Liquid Nitrogen and TCA
  1. M Ferizi1,1,
  2. A Gerqari1,
  3. M Ferizi2
  1. 1University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo
  2. 2University of Kosovo-Medical Faculty, Pristina, Kosovo


Condyloma acuminata is the infection caused by Human Papilloma virus. Condyloma acuminate are soft, skin coloured, fleshy warts, can appear solitary or in a group and can be both small and large. They appear in the vagina, on the cervix, around the external genitalia and rectum, in the urethra and anus. The warts can also appear in nasal, oral and laryngeal form and occasionally occurs in the throat. The disease is highly contagious. The incubation period may take from one to six months Sexually transmitted diseases affect the sexually active population being in the reproductive age group and usually are being transmitted in venereal form. For treatment of genital warts, clinician and patient choose treatment based on morphology and distribution of lesions. During our studies have found that from 226 patients with CA 182 were male and 44 were female. Patients were aged 1–58 years. Treated with liquid nitrogen and own 196 of them were 159 male and 37 female. Treated with TCA were 30 persons, of whom 23 males and 7 females. Treatment with Liquid Nitrogen the majority of patients was extended after 10–15 mal treatment and subjective feeling easily tolerated by patients. Treatment with TCA was the majority of patient successful after first treatment, and the smallest number have had a need to be treated to three times, associated with more severe subjective feeling. Treatment with Liquid Nitrogen is boring, and TCA, although associated with more severe subjective feeling accepted as the most efficient method by patients.

  • In total 14 patients smoker treatment was prolonged and resistant to two types of therapy.

  • Relapse after treatments were more often in the group of patients treated with Liquid Nitrogen to 3% of patients.

  • Condyloma acuminate and treatment
  • Genital warts and treatment
  • Liquid nitrogen and TCA treatment

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