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P3.038 Hepatitis C Coinfection in Perinatally Infected HIV Children
  1. D P Pacola,
  2. M D Negra,
  3. Y C Lian,
  4. R A Carneiro,
  5. W Queiroz
  1. Instituto de Infectologia Emilio Ribas, São Paulo, Brazil


Background this study analysed epidemiological aspects of HIV/HCV confection in HIV infected children at Instituto Infectologia Emílio Ribas, São Paulo, Brazil.

Methods HCV serology is performed on a routine basis on all children who attend our hospital. In this study, we analysed all patients with confirmed HCV infection (positive qualitative PCR for HCV).The data collected was age, sex, mode of transmission of HCV (HCV positive mother, use of blood transfusion and use of immunoglobulin).

Results Approximately 400 patients are seen regularly at our institute. Of these, 12(3%) were identified as HCV confirmed. 7 were females and 5 are males. Age ranged from 14 to 20 years on the moment of analysis. All patients were mother to child transmission of HIV. Regarding possible mode of transmission of HCV, 2 had HCV positive mothers, 2 had HCV negative mothers and 8 (66%) were unknown. Related to blood transfusions, 5 (42%) had history of blood transfusions, 6 (50%) did not and one was unknown, all blood transfusions were done at early infancy. All patients received immunoglobulin for more than 5 years (1993–2007) for prophylaxis of recurrent infections as recommend by national guidelines of HIV treatment. There were no cases of IV drug use. Two patients who initially had negative HCV serology a few years later seroconverted and had confirmation of HCV infection.

Conclusion our prevalence of HCV/HIV co-infection is higher than other studies, there was no significant difference between genders, unfortunately 8 children had unknown mother HCV condition, because many of them were orphans. Calls attention the use of biological products as a probable mode of transmission, in particular the 2 cases of confirmed sero-convertion observed.

  • Children
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV KL01,

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