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P3.045 Epidemiological Survey of HIV/AIDS Patients in Isfahan Province (IRAN) 1985 – 2012
  1. M Meshkati
  1. Province Health Centre, Isfahan, Iran


Introduction AIDS is a significant threat for women. More than 50% of HIV infected people in the world are among women because the most common transmission way is sexual contacts. In IRAN sharing needle and syringe in IDUs is the most common way. Increasing number of HIV infection especially in the east Mediterranean countries as Iran should be investigated. So we looked HIV/AIDS patients for managing HIV/AID control programme.

Methods In Isfahan, we performed a survey (cross - sectional) for all recorded HIV-positive cases in 1985 – 2012. The data was gathered by questionnaires.

Results Until January 2012, 492 HIV/AIDS cases have been recognised. The majority of cases are male (89%) and in age group 25–34 (69%). 44% of them are singles and 38% of them are married. In male, the most common transmission route is sharing needle and syringe (81%) and in women is sexual contact (79%).57(11%) HIV infected women have been recognised that in 54% of them, their husbands were HIV positive that most of them were IDUs. We have 4 children under 15 years old that their parents are HIV positive.

Conclusions The number of infected women has increased (2 years ago in same time the number of infected women was lower, 5%of total cases). So we faced risk of third episode of HIV/AIDS from IDUs to sexual contact in Iran right now. The majority of women were infected by their husband. In result we must notice bridge community and their role for spreading HIV infection in general population. It is vital that women be noticed as leader of HIV/AIDS campaign. We need to upgrade prevention programmes like training, counselling and harm reduction services for vulnerable groups especially women.

  • epidemiology
  • HIV
  • women

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