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P3.078 Prevalence of STI/STDs Among Women of Reproductive Age Group in Tribal District of North India
  1. A Gupta
  1. IG Medical College Shimla, Shimla, India


Research question What is the prevalence of RTIs/STDs among women of reproductive age group in a district of Kinnaur Himachal

Pradesh Objectives (1) To estimate the prevalence of RTI/STI among women of reproductive age by using the syndromic case definition. (2) To identify the common signs and symptoms ofRTI/STI among women (3) To find out other socio-demographic variables associated with causation of RTI/STI in women.

Study design Exploratory in nature with application of quantitative and qualitative research methodology.

Setting 60 clusters, comprising of villages in rural area and localities in urban area of district Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh North India.

Participants 600 ever married women in the reproductive age group (i.e. 15–45 years).

Study period One year (Feb, 2011- Jan, 2012).

Study variables Age, literacy status, number of live children, symptoms (accrding to the syndromic approach).

Statistical analysis Percentages, Chi square test.

Results Prevalence of RTI/STI came out to be 39.2% with a higher rural (44%) than urban (32%). Almost half of the symptom-positive women were of 25–34 years of age. Prevalence of RTI/STI was found to be highest among women with 1 or 2 live children (26.7% and 30.00%) in rural and urban areas respectively. The commonest symptom of RTI/STD was vaginal discharge (91%) followed by lower abdominal pain (64%). Other common associated symptoms were backache (76%), vulval itching (51%) and burning during urination (34%).

Conclusion In view of the higher prevalence of RTI/STD among rural and illiterate women primary health care level needs to be strengthened in respect of reproductive health, and awareness about reproductive health issues should be raised through suitable communication in order to bring about a positive behaviour change.

  • RH
  • RTI
  • STD

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