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P3.103 Sexual Act with Multiple Sex Partners is an Upcoming Threat For Rapid Transmission of HIV Among People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) in Bangladesh
  1. A Bosu
  1. Save the Children, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Introduction and Aims The 9th round national sero-surveillance data shows 5.3% HIV prevalence among the PWIDs in Dhaka. Save the Children is committed to prevent HIV in Bangladesh where harm reduction is a major focus. At the beginning the project has conducted a study where one of the main focuses was to investigate the sexual behaviour and practise of the PWIDs.

Design and Methods The methodology used for this study was the Rapid Situation and Response Assessment by triangulation of both qualitative and quantitative method by collecting information from primary and secondary source. The data were collected through field observation, 790 one to one in-depth questionnaire, 42 Focus group discussions, 360 Key informant interviews and 14 cases studies.

Results Sixty percent (60%) of PWIDs report to have had different sex partners on different occasions and of them 9 persons on average to have sex with. On average 13% of the PWIDs have experience of having sex in the anal route and only 21% of those had used condom. Only 44% PWIDs reported that they had used condom in the last one year and consistent condom use is only 14%.

Discussions and Conclusions Emphasizing safe sex behaviour programme with PWIDs is crucial to avert HIV transmission in Bangladesh.

  • HIV
  • PWID
  • Sero-surveillance

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