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P3.108 Mobile Gynecological Clinic - Effective Tool For HIV\STI Screening Diagnostics For Commercial Sex Workers in Lviv Region (Ukraine)
  1. M Vasylyev1,
  2. M Sluzhynska1,
  3. O Sluzhynska2,
  4. O Grushynska2,
  5. O Krystynyak2,
  6. O Krystynyak2,
  7. O Krystynyak2,
  8. O Krystynyak2,
  9. O Krystynyak2,
  10. O Krystynyak2
  1. 1Lviv Regional AIDS Center, Lviv, Ukraine
  2. 2Charitable Salus Foundation, Lviv, Ukraine


Background Since October 2008 till present time, Lviv Regional AIDS Center and Charitable Salus Foundation implement project “HIV prevention by increasing access to VCT (voluntary HIV testing and counselling), sexually transmitted infections (STI) diagnostics among commercial sex workers (CSW) in Lviv region using mobile gynaecological clinic (MGC).The initiative is supported by International HIV\AIDS Alliance in Ukraine.

Methods Specially equipped bus - MGC was used for this intervention. MGC works daily except Saturday and Sunday visiting highest HIV rate places all over Lviv region (2.5 million population) providing CSW with condoms, lubricants, information materials and rapid testing for HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, hepatitis B and C. Shampoos, lipsticks, hand creams were distributed among CSW as a motivation for those clients who passed HIV\STI test.

Results During October 2008 - January 2013 12059 visits were done by CSW. 4031 rapid HIV test were made (197 positive results) 2886 rapid syphilis tests (37 positive results) 2133 tests for gonorrhoea (30 positive results) 2133 tests for Chlamydia (230 positive results) 1499 Hepatitis B tests (63 positive results) 1499 Hepatitis C tests (141 positive results)

Conclusions Taking into consideration obtained data such intervention is very needed and welcomed by key population representatives. Gender oriented approach in HIV prevention programmes for female sex workers is very important factor for the success of the intervention In great importance continuation of performed services and spreading the range of activities such as tuberculosis diagnostics, access to medications for treatment in MGC.

  • diagnostics
  • HIV
  • STI

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