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P3.115 HIV and STI Prevalence Among Commercial Sex Workers
  1. A T Sosela
  1. Sinza Youth Peer Educators, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania


Background Although there is increasing evidence of the risks associated with HIV infection and transmission among CSW in Tanzania. nothing is known about other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in this population.

Methods As a strategy to address high HIV prevalence rate among the CSWs, SIYOPE established a programme in Dar-es-salaam in 2009 to 2011. The project involved HIV prevention interventions in a coordinated manner integrating both clinical services and intensified community outreach programme targeting the CSWs. Some of the key steps undertaken by the project in developing an integrated health services for CSWs include community Mobilization & CSWs, care and Support. Since its inception the project a total of 307 CSW were recruited between April and October Out of them, 96% have been screened for HIV, 94% have been screened for STI, 55% have been screened for TB and 56 are accessing FP services. Further 75 CSWs have tested positive, 30 are on ARVs and the project has formed 2 support groups for women living with HIV, In addition the project continues to address local-level policy issues that hinder access to services among the CSWs as well as stigma and discrimination through campaigns and engagement of community police.

Results Most of the CSW were aged 14–25years and a large proportion (95%) reported having multiple male partners with Whom they often had unprotected sex. 31% reported STIs in the past 12 months, while 26 reported STI symptoms at the time of the outreach activity. Weighted prevalence of STIs ranged from 0.5–1.9% for syphilis, 4.2–8.9% for gonorrhoea, 0–34.5% for Chlamydia.

Conclusion There is a large unmet need for CSW in Tanzania. This calls for an urgent need for targeted screening and vaccination to prevent The untoward HIV and STIs among CSW in Tanzania.

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