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P3.131 Trends in HIV Infection Surveillance Data Among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Albania, 1993–2012
  1. M Dervishi,
  2. S Bino,
  3. R Bani,
  4. S Qyra,
  5. F Balla,
  6. R Dudushi
  1. Institute of Public Health, Tirana, Albania


Background Albania is still a low HIV prevalence country, however the recent reports on the growing HIV reported cases per year show an increase of reported HIV among MSM in Albania. Furthermore, the results from the repeated bio-behavioural surveillance studies in 2005 and 2008, and 2011 indicate that high risk behaviours are still present among MSM

Methods During the years 1993 to 2012 our study shows increase of HIV among MSM and their socio-demographic and epidemiological characteristics of this group in Albania. These cases are described by age, place of infection, clinical stage of HIV infection, STI co-infection and source partner. To get the estimated trends over this period we used simple linear regression.

Results During the study period, 57 MSM, aged from 17 to 73 years, were diagnosed with HIV. No significant trends over time in overall median age (36 years) were observed. Most of the MSM or, 70% (40 cases) were infected in Albania and the rest abroad. In the years 1993–2007, 1 to 3 MSM were diagnosed with HIV each year, while in the years 2007–2012 this increased to between 7 and 9 cases. The proportion of MSM, presenting AIDS make up 33% (19 cases) and the rest were diagnosed in the HIV stage. 28% (16) of them were married. STI co-infection was reported in 15.7% (9 cases). The majority of them live in urban area, 64% of them live in capital city, 7% of them belong to Roma ethnicity.

Conclusions HIV cases among MSM per year are increasing. Current prevalence of HIV in MSM is higher than the general population (from BIO-BSS conducted). The increase in STI co-infections indicates risky sexual behaviour and a potential to spread both HIV and other sexually transmitted infections so HIV prevention strategies should be targeted on this vulnerable group.

  • HIV
  • MSM
  • surveillance

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