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P3.166 Labour Migration and the Risk of Infection with STIs and HIV Among Women - Wives of Migrants from Tajikistan
  1. D A Karobekova
  1. Tajik State Medical University, Д уш а C D б е, Tajikistan


It is proved that labour migration contributes to the spread of STIs and HIV in the migrants’ original places of residence. Due to geographical mobility and separation from their intimate partners for long period, migrants are at high risk of infection with variety of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV/AIDS.

Purpose The relationship between migration of men and the risk of infection with STIs and HIV among wives of migrants stayed back home.

Methods In order to process the data 1264 women of childbearing age from 18 to 45 years old were questioned in Dushanbe and DRS using multivariate statistic methods. Moreover, among the total number of women participating in survey, the number of female migrants was approximately equal to the number of wives of men who are not migrants. For modelling of static models both personal complaints about STI symptoms and reported cases of infection were used.

Results It was found out that under the same conditions, the wives of migrants complained of symptoms of STIs more often (67.3%) than wives of non-migrants (31.3). In addition, there were more cases of HIV infection in this group. Risk factors as cervical ectopy (target cells facilitates survival of HIV in mucosa) is more commonly met with wives of migrants than wives of non-migrants.

Conclusion These results illustrate not only the increased risk of STIs and HIV associated with labour migration, but also show the seriousness of the situation of migrants’ wives who stay home with their children. Studies have shown that women should be better informed, to have possibility to resist development of epidemic.

  • migrants
  • STI
  • wives of migrants

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