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S13.4 What Do Gay Men Need? - Challenges Regarding Comprehensive Approaches in HIV-Prevention Interventions from a National Perspective
  1. D Sander
  1. Deutsche AIDS Hilfe, Berlin, Germany


Regarding empirical evidence gay men are facing several health problems which can arise from the mastering of living in homo-negative environment. We can e.g. find high levels of substance use, mental health problems, and risky behaviour.

The presentation will raise the question on how these different and interacting health matters work together and how they can be tackled in campaigns focused on gay men and other MSM. What is the experience of the national German campaign “I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING”; what can be done in future work from the MSM community perspective; who are the necessary co-operative partners, what has to be requested from different policy sectors?

  • Behaviour
  • homo-negative
  • MSM

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