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P3.177 Sexual Health Screening in a Club Drug Clinic
  1. K Stegmann,
  2. K Cook,
  3. D Payne,
  4. L Watson,
  5. J Hardie,
  6. O Bowden-Jones,
  7. A Sullivan,
  8. S Day
  1. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK


Background The Club Drug Clinic (CDC) is a service established in 2010 for the increasing numbers of adults who have developed problems with club drugs. Use of these drugs is associated with high risk sexual behaviour and an increased risk of acquiring HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We provide an opportunistic sexual health screening service to clients in the CDC. This study aims to identify the STI rates amongst our attendees.

Methods Notes review of clients seen in our CDC sexual health service from June 2011 to January 2013.

Results 59 clients were seen in the sexual health clinic, receiving an average of 1.2 screens per client. Eight clients were female (13%) and 51 male (87%) (44 (75%) MSM). Median age was 32 (21–55) yrs.

Thirteen STIs were identified from seventy STI screens. STI prevalence was 19% (11/59). Clients reported their last STI screen to be: < 3 months 17(29%); < 6 months 29 (49%); < 1 year 38 (64%), never 1, unsure 11 (18.6%).

21 (36%) clients were HIV positive (1 new diagnosis). Of these, 11 (52%) were on ARVs, with 10/11 having a HIV viral load (VL) < 40 copies/ml. Median HIV VL for those not on ARV was 107,170 copies/ml (range 1164 to 23million).

Discussion Despite many clients reporting recent STI screens this study demonstrates high risk sexual behaviour and a significant prevalence of STI’s and HIV amongst CDC attendees. These findings support the on-going and regular provision of sexual health screening to CDC clients. Given this was a self-referring group representing 59/360 (16%) total CDC attendees more work is need to encourage other CDC clients to attend for STI screens and to recall existing sexual health clinic attendees for repeat HIV/STI testing.

  • club drugs
  • sexual risk
  • STIs

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