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P3.236 Analysis of Risk Factors Incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Women Indirect Sex Workers in Mataram City, Indonesia, 2012
  1. K M Kadek
  1. Health Office, Mataram, Indonesia


Background Sexually transmitted infections are a public health problem in all countries, including Indonesia. The estimated number of people exposed to a sexually transmitted infection that can be treated approximately more than 30 million cases annually. In Mataram City 2011, found as many as 896 new cases of sexually transmitted infections. Women indirect sex workers have an important role in the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV-AIDS cases increased.

Research Methods Design study was a cross sectional with a total sample of 66 women indirect sex workers. Risk factor of STIs is age of first sex, ever having sex, the number of customers per day, use of condoms, clean hands after sex, change underwear after sex, alcohol consumption habits and the habit of consuming drugs. Potential risk factors were explored using a structured questionnaire of the month from May to June 2012. Data were analysed using, bivariable and multivariable statistics.

Results From the bivariable analysis, risk factors for STIs were ever having sex (OR 2.33, CI 5.15–1:05), not using condoms (OR 3.13, CI: 1.36 to 7.20) and the number of customers per day (OR 2.60, CI: 1.13 to 6.01). Multivariable analysis showed that the risk factors that influence the incidence of sexually transmitted infections are not using condoms (adjusted OR 6.55, CI 1.83 to 23, 43) and the number of customers per day (adjusted OR 5.01, CI 1.41 to 18.29)

Conclusion Not using a condom in serving customers in women indirect sex workers be risk factors for STIs. Need an effort to monitor the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections continued cooperation and support of stakeholder in pressing the prevalence of STIs

  • Risk factors
  • STI
  • women indirect sex workers

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